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More About the “Queen of Fibers”

A Brief History of Silk According to legend, silk was first discovered over four millenia ago by Chinese Empress Xi Ling Shi. As a young girl living in a palace, she liked to visit its beautiful garden containing many mulberry trees. One day she gently plucked a cocoon from a tree and accidentally dropped it…
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Silk Production and Finishing

It might suffice to say that silk comes from the fibers of the silkworm's cocoon, but to leave it there would be like saying that wool comes from sheep. When it comes to the cultivation and harvest of natural material for textiles, the art of Chinese sericulture is undoubtedly the most complex and intriguing by a…
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We’re a Green America Certified Business

Our Economic Action to Promote Just and Sustainable Purchases Luxana Baby is proud to have been awarded the Green America Certified Business Seal, which is earned by businesses that are committed to using their platform for positive environmental and social change, and growing the new green economy from the ground up. Green America is dedicated…
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